Spanish Lottery

Spanish Lottery

Spanish La Primitiva

Spanish Lottery La Primitiva

Spanish La PrimitivaSpanish La Primitiva has got it all — 2 draws a week, big jackpot potential and a format that’s super simple to play. Players place their bets every Thursday and Saturday, hoping for their share of the nearly €1 billion in total prize money paid out by Spanish La Primitiva each year.

The minimum jackpot prize pool starts at €2 million and with rollovers can potentially shoot up to €36.8 million. All players need to do is pick 6 numbers and wait for the draw.

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Spanish Lottery El Gordo

El GordoAs the lottery of choice in lottery-mad Spain, the weekly El Gordo draws have a huge following, both at home and abroad. The minimum jackpot prize pool is about €6.5 million. There’s only one draw a week, and loyal players never miss it. Big-money rollovers draws of up to €26 million help keep the fan base for Spain’s Weekly El Gordo charged up and ready to play, as players have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a cash prize.

Jackpots for the weekly El Gordo game have the potential to fly up to about €35 million. Spain’s Weekly El Gordo has 7 prize levels in addition to the jackpot and dishes out multiple prizes for every draw.

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