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Play Spanish Lottery El Gordo from Anywhere in the World!
You don't have to be a Spanish national to play and win in the El Gordo Draw. Through the services of Lottery Shop, you can enter Spain's Richest Lottery from wherever in the world you may be.

El Gordo

This year alone the Spanish Lottery El Gordo Draw will pay out over US$4 BILLION to over 1,202,490 cash prize winners around the world.

Play and win the Spanish Lottery El Gordo from Anywhere in the World!


Here's your chance to enter the SPAINISH LOTTERY EL GORDO with a GROUP PLAY Subscription.
 You can have 378,140 Chances to Win US$3.47 BILLION in El Gordo this year!  

Increase your chances of winning by entering EL GORDO GROUP PLAY

Multiply Your Chances of Winning an El Gordo Prize by 10x!


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